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We provide strength, conditioning and agility training for youth athletes from any sport. Our training emphasizes movement mechanics to both prevent risk of injury and improve performance through increased strength and power output. We can then increase our complexity, intensity and individualization of our training for each individual. By learning these functional movements and being able to apply them consistently under varied conditions like fatigue, our athletes not only decrease their risk of serious injury but also maximize the adaptations necessary for them the excel at their sport of choice.

  • Age: 12-18 years of age*
  • Athletes from all sports are welcome – our staff will tailor workouts specific to your sport, training cycle and physical status (fatigue, injury, etc.)
  • Sport-specific individual work will be provided to each athlete upon request
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Class Size & Daily Schedule

We strive to maintain a 7:1 athlete to coach ratio in our gym while also keeping our training policies and scheduling flexible. We work with each client to create a schedule that facilitates the ideal group training experience.

  • Regularly scheduled group training sessions Monday – Friday and morning sessions on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Schedule changes seasonally.


NCAA Summer Preparatory Training

Stay tuned for details.

Contact Aaron or Lucas for more details or with questions: or

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