team training

We work with teams of all sports to help improve speed, strength, and conditioning for athletes in a group environment that encourages camaraderie as well as competition. We also provide information on training, recovery, nutrition, and injury prevention.

Strength, conditioning and agility training for athletes from any sport. Training emphasizes movement mechanics to both prevent risk of injury and improve performance through increased strength and power output. We can then increase our complexity, intensity and individualization of our training for each individual. By learning these functional movements and being able to apply them consistently under varied conditions like fatigue, our athletes not only decrease their risk of serious injury but also maximize the adaptations necessary for them the excel at their sport of choice.

The Fit Staff is made up of professional trainers with educational and experiential backgrounds in sports science and nutrition. We work with athletes from all levels, from junior high to professionals. We’ve worked with professional skiers, National Football League and National Hockey League players, NCAA Division I athletes and are the Head Strength and Conditioning coaches for Minnesota United FC, the professional soccer team here in Minnesota.

Rates are per athlete based on the number of athletes and the number of sessions. Contact us to sign up.