Sugar…’s killing you!

Sugar…’s killing you!

One of my proudest moments as a parent was a month ago when I took my kids to the coop to get some groceries.  They all wanted different yogurts and were standing in front of the cooler arguing about something that I couldn’t quite hear.  My 4 year old wanted blueberry, the 8 year old had vanilla, my 10 year old was holding up Kafir, and my 12 year old had plain sheep's milk yogurt. I decided to leave them and hang a hard right over to the butcher to grab something else.  I wasn’t in the mood to hear the arguing and crying over who gets what.  Now, I’m not the type of parent that never lets my kids have sugar or treats.  At home, we are pretty tight with the offerings, but when they go to someone else's house, I let them make their own choices.  I just don’t want you to think I’m an obsessed, crazy parent….well maybe obsessed, but not crazy!  Anyway, when I came back to the yogurt cooler, I found the kids comparing labels on the yogurt to see which one had the lowest amount of sugar per serving.  This is how they decided which one to buy.  Couldn’t have made me happier because they know what I know about sugar.


These are the facts on Sugar consumption in the United States:

  1. Americans top the world in sugar consumption at 82 grams per day (that’s about 20 teaspoons per day of added sugar, not including fruit or juices)

  2. The World Health Organization recommends 25 grams per day (that’s about 6 teaspoons)

  3. People who consume 21% or more of their daily calories from sugar are 2x as likely to have heart disease compared to those who consume 7% or less of their daily calories from added sugar.


This is what Sugar does to your health:

  1. It disables your immune system. This means that your white blood cells are compromised and you get sick easier and don’t recover as fast.

  2. Consuming more than 25 grams per day of added sugar increases insulin response and can lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes, as well as excess weight gain and obesity.

  3. Sugar has zero nutritional value.  It has no proteins, essentially fats, vitamins, or minerals.


This is what Sugar does to your performance:

  1. It stimulates a physiological stressor reaction that provokes adrenal fatigue, cortisol release, and thickens the blood. This means that it causes long-term fatigue and the release of a stress hormone that decreases performance. It also lowers your ability to take in oxygen.

  2. It decreases your body’s production of leptin. This means your leptin levels are going to be off and this forces you to overeat, crave more sugar, and will eventually begin to throw off things like sleep, alertness, and decision-making ability under stress.

  3. It increases oxidative stress in the body- This means you can’t recover and you will break down faster.


These are some of the other names that sugar goes by:

  1. Sucrose

  2. High Fructose corn syrup

  3. Barley Malt

  4. Dextrose

  5. Maltose

  6. Rice Syrup

  7. Erythritol

  8. Sacherine

  9. Aspartame

  10. Sucarlose

  11. Palm Sugar

  12. Beet Sugar

  13. Honey

  14. Maple Sugar

This list is about 61 deep according to the FDA for added sugars…..

Here is a list of common foods with added sugar:


Flavored Coffee Mate                        5g
Silk Original Almond Milk                   7g                 
Siggi’s plain greek yogurt 5.3 oz    5.3g
Danon Light and Fit Vanilla 5.3 oz      7g                     
Granola 1oz                                        8g      
Protein Bar:                                  10-12g

Italian salad dressing                        4g                 
Beet 1 cup                                         9g                 
Pear                                                 19g     
Apple (whole)                                   19g    
Banana (whole)                                14g

Sweet potato                                      6g     
Tomato sauce 1 cup                         10g                 
Honey 1tbsp                                     19g