Shift The Paradigm

Shift The Paradigm

This didn’t happen to me until recently, and I’m not ashamed to share this with you guys.  I typically do a workout a few times a week with some of the coaches in the gym.  I have always prided myself on being fast and lifting just as much weight if not more than the other coaches, who are younger than me.  I noticed that as I get older, the coaches, who turn over from time to time, don’t get older, but they stay the same age.  Well, what’s happening is that I am no longer faster and stronger, as a matter of fact, sometimes I can barely keep up with a 25 year old. It took me some time to understand this, and yes, I learned the hard way.  Injuries, overtraining, and constant soreness that lasted for days and sometimes weeks.  I just tried harder, I tried to swing a heavier kettlebell, to run faster, and to just do more pull ups.  The harder I tried, it seemed like the more I would fall behind.  

I had an epiphany not to long ago after doing a back squat workout that literally left me so sore I couldn’t train for 3 days.  I decided that it was time to shift the paradigm.  The way to get faster, stronger, and leaner, was not to throw more weight on the bar, or set my tread at a faster speed.  The key was to focus on mechanics, dig into my movement, and practice perfectly what I knew to be best mechanics across all of the modalities. It took me sometime to change my mind set…..but it began to work.  My body started feeling better and I was actually getting more fit again.  I knew what my limits were, but instead of power through them, I spend designated time working on them.   For example, I am horrible at pressing or holding anything over my head.  I knew I had a very tight upper back, so I began doing mobility drills and overhead drills before my workouts for 10 or 15 minutes.  After a few weeks, instead of doing an overhead lunge with my elbows flaring out to the side and walking away with tennis elbow, I was now able to hold a barbell over my head with my elbows locked out.  

I know what you are thinking and you gotta trust me on this.  There are always going to be things that you are good at and that don’t require as much technical skill and work to get better at them. Could be rowing or using the assault bike.  I encourage you to identify the things that you need to work on and actually spend the time working on them.  Then, when it comes time to just go for it, and get crushed by a workout, which is what we all want deep down, pick the things that you can execute with perfection while moving fast.

This is a good approach for us, I mean us who are no longer able to keep up with the 25 year olds.  It’s also a good approach for our kids, who we want to be able to move well and be pain free when they are our age...unlike some of us.  

Change the paradigm, move well first, then run fast and lift heavier!


What are your limiting capacities?  I can help fix them.  You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes in how you feel.