The Black Hole of Training

Imagine living on the edge 
of space and time

where  time never passes

and nothing ever moves or changes...  

This is the BLACK HOLE...

You should be asking yourself one thing as you see yourself stuck here……”how am I ever going to lose 10lbs if this is where I live, and nothing ever moves or changes?”


That’s right nothing ever moves or changes when you live in the black hole of training.  That place where just enough is good, but too much makes you uncomfortable.  That place that makes you think you are changing because you are sweating, or covering the miles, or putting in the time, but still you never get faster or you never see your body change.  Ever been here?


It’s a common place to be stuck.  For a runner you are caught in the black hole when your sprint speed for 400 meters is almost the same as your run speed for the 5K.  For the weight lifter you are in the black hole when you use the same load kettlebell to swing for 10 reps as you do for 50 reps.


There has to be dynamic and broad change in our intensity to actually force change in our body.  I have to run really fast when I sprint short distances.  I have to lift something really heavy when I lift for lower reps.


The more deviation I have between my slow and my fast or my light and my heavy, the more my body is forced to adapt and the more it will change.  When I am in the black hole of training, I don’t see change in my performance levels or in my body.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are running fast for 400 meters when you could actually maintain that same pace for 1200 meters.  


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