Just Breathe

Just breathe...

This week, we're revisiting a concept from last summer called Hypoxia:  essentially, an oxygen depleted state.  Don't panic, we won't be sucking the oxygen out of the gym; we'll be doing breathing exercises and breathing sets.  There are numerous benefits, so to remind you of those, here's the blog from last summer:


From July 2015

Hold your breath to lose fat?  Not exactly.  It's true that when you exercise in a low-oxygen environment, which could be anything from altitude training to underwater swimming, to breathing sets, the reduced oxygen actually triggers the release of a hormone that helps burn fat for energy more than you would normally. If you work out in the gym this week, you'll experience this kind of fat-burning phenomenon.  (Check out the study that appeared in Clinical Physiology and Functional Imagination "The Effect of Exercise and Training under Hypoxia")


To achieve this O2-depleted state in the fastest, most effective way, I like to prescribe what I call "breathing sets".  Here's what I mean:  restrict breathing to only the nose, do a single burpee, then take 1 breath in and out, do 2 burpees (breath normally while doing your burpees) then take 2 breaths, 3 burpees and 3 breaths, so on and so on, until you can no longer perform the required number of burpees or you need more breaths.  This creates what we call "hypoxia", or a lack of oxygen, and thus forces the hormone called "adiponectin" to be released and mobilized for energy!

Sound good?  It can be.  However, as with anything, it is important to realize that doing more of something will not necessarily achieve more of the desired result.  In other words, doing more breathing sets or restricting more oxygen will not necessarily result in more fat-loss (or weight loss).  A balanced diet, exercise program and overall lifestyle will result in more benefits to you, your body and your mind, than any one thing.  There is no silver bullet for sustained fat (or weight) loss.  Burning fat results in fat loss, and the right combination of exercise and nutrition can achieve the desired results. 


See you in the gym!