New Client 21 Day Challenge

June 8th-June 29th 2015 

New Client Program!  This program will cater to people who are interested in hitting the restart button on health and nutrition.  This offering will primarily target clients who are new to Fit and are interested in training with us at Fit, or those who are looking to get back to Fit after being gone! 

The Program will include 21 Days of programing, deep dive into nutrition and recovery, as well as a road map forward upon completion of your 21 days.  Again, this program will provide a very simple and delicate approach to beginning training!  All participants can come to any group training time listed on our schedule and/or have the option of scheduling personal training times as well!  There will be an orientation to the program to answer questions, hand out nutrition guidelines and overall introduction on Sunday June 7th @ 9am. Please contact Aaron with questions