Youth Summer Training At Fit

Our youth summer training program will start June 1, right around the corner.  I wanted to get some details and ways to navigate through out Fit Training program so that each athlete can get the most out of their training.

  1. When can I show up?  You can show up to any of the listed time you see on our schedule for open or youth only training times (click here) 
  2. In Studio Training- This training will focus on a Injury prevention, agility, balance, strength, and conditioning.  Each session is different and will incorporate all of the above.
  3. Track Sessions - This training will focus on running mechanics, speed development, and conditioning.  Each session is different with Mondays being a speed day, Wednesdays are endurance, and Fridays will be game ready fitness days.  These sessions will take place at the Edina Community Center Track and Field.  Check Website for changes in location due to weather or sometimes the Track is reserved by another group.
  4. Fit Yoga and Mobility - Yoga will be tought by one of our Fit Yoga instructors on some days and other days a Fit coach will run a mobility and injury prevention session.  Some days will combine both Yoga and Mobility.
  5. Fit Chalk Talk - These will be free offerings to anyone wanting to gain knowledge on nutrition, healthy lifestyle, sport performance tips, and much more. Lead by a Fit coach or guest speaker at Fit Studio.
  6. You can pick from any of these session and we are happy to help guide you based on goals.
  7. To register for one of our summer youth training packs (click here)