Speed Development Training, Super Compensation, and more...

Great training this week!  I wanted to share with you a few details on what to expect for next week's ready to run training as well as why you might have been feeling like your Fit workouts have been really tough lately, and some detail on our new Family Fit program. 

Speed Development Training can help you not only become faster and able to sustain longer bouts at higher speeds, but it can also help rev up metabolism and increases fast twitch muscle recruitment. Check out some of the details below:

Run Fast!!

Speed development is training at your top-end speed, i.e. the absolute fastest pace you can run, which usually tops out less than 100 meters.

Fully Recover

Speed development workouts won’t have you panting or clutching your knees after each interval because they are only 50-150m long. Moreover, you will also have a complete and full recovery between each repeat. To recruit maximum fast-twitch muscle fibers, you must be fully recovered before each interval.

Super Compensation

For those of you who have been in the studio past few weeks you may have noticed that we have picked up the intensity consistently.  I wanted to share with you that this increase in intensity is a planned programming technique called super compensation. This allows us to increase work capacity and increase metabolism and adaptation.  In other words, I ain't mad at ya....I'm just following a technique proven to make you more fit.  See the graph below for some detail. 


Family Training Day Saturday May 16th 9am 

We are trying to gauge interest in a family training time for the summer, so we are offering a test run Saturday May 16th @ 9am.  
All families are welcome and all ages welcome.  We will run an adult workout, a teenage workout, and a kids workout.  We will also have a baby sitter on site for anyone who needs it.
Please let us know if you are interested or plan on attending.