My favorite on the road workout

It’s vacation time for some of us and that means that we may stray from our usual paleo friendly diet to have a few extra glasses of wine, maybe some pizza, a bit of ice cream, and even another glass of wine.


Well, we might think that the best way to avoid gaining that extra few pounds is to get some cardio in.  When, actually, the best way to metabolize fat is through doing this lifting workout that I came up. This is my go to workout on the road whenever traveling. 


Lifting heavy loads forces a hormonal reaction that increases our metabolism and will burn more fat at rest.  It will also force a release of growth hormone that will crush fat way faster and more effectively than would cardio alone.


Here is the workout.  I call it Five by Five:

Pick any 5 lifts.  The lifts should be ones that you can handle heavier loads with.  I did it yesterday in my hotel gym, they only had Dumbbells, and it worked great with the following lifts:

5 Rounds

1.     Dumbbell Thrusters x 5 reps

2.     Dumbbell Deadlift x 5 Reps

3.     Dumbbell Strict Overhead Press x 5 Reps

4.     Dumbbell Chest Press x 5 Reps

5.     Dumbbell Renegade Row x 5 Reps


Do 5 sets of 5 reps for each lift.  Of course you want all 5 reps in each set to be tough, so if you prefer to use lighter loads then just add more reps until your last 5 reps are really tough. 

Go through the lifts circuit style, go from lift 1 to 2 to 3, and so on. 


Between each lift I like to take 60 to 90 seconds and hold a static stretch or get on a foam roller and compress whatever is tight.


By the end of the workout you will have thrown your metabolism into overdrive, and you’ll be burning fat at rest for the next 12-24 hours.