You're Never Too "Anything" To Be Fit

You're Never Too "Anything" To Be Fit

I wanted to write this week about someone very special to our community at Fit.
The fact that this person works out at Fit speaks to the diversity of our fitness community and our ability to make Fit work for anyone from a 7th Degree Black Belt to a 62-year-old woman.  It may surprise you that Fit appeals to those two extremes, but…wait a minute...we have a 62 year old  woman who is also a Black Belt. Sandy Obermiller, who has been with us now for six years, just earned her 7th degree Black Belt in Karate. 
I sat down with Sandy to talk about what part Fit has played in her being able to continue to grow and improve as an athlete:
I first met Sandy when I was scrubbing the bathroom floors and painting the walls of the gym about two weeks before I opened.  I was literally on my hands and knees on a cold Fall day six years ago when a lady walked into my gym, and I hadn’t even opened yet.  Sandy started asking me what kind of training we did at Fit.  I did the best I could to explain our philosophy and training style, and after I was done bumbling through it, she didn’t hesitate to say “I’m in!” 

From Sandy’s first day at Fit she was always willing to learn new things, work hard, and most importantly -- be welcoming to everyone who walks through the doors of our gym.  There is something tremendously motivating about watching Sandy and her workout partner Phyllis, both over the age of 60, crank out kipping pull-ups and burpees easily. 
The reason I want to share a little about Sandy is because she epitomizes the Fit experience.  Sandy has trained along side 18-year-olds, 30-year-olds, 50-year-olds, and people her own age.  She is a living example of how Fit works for people of all fitness levels and all ages.  She wasn’t always able to do kipping pulls and burpees, but she went through the process of learning and pushing herself.  As a matter of fact, Sandy first came in to Fit because she wasn't as fit as she wanted to be.  While caring for her ailing father, she ate a lot of hospital / institutional food, and it was difficult to work out consistently.  Sandy was a black belt in karate at the time.  In fact, she owned her own karate studio and taught classes there, so she wanted to be as fit as she could be.    

Working out at Fit has allowed Sandy to continue to grow her business and continue to coach.  She is quick, powerful, graceful, and fast.  I recall her showing a few movements to us in the gym once, and I remember almost being shocked at how graceful and sleek her movements were.
Sandy started her karate career much like she started her training at Fit: she saw a sign and showed up.  She tells the story of sitting and waiting for her first karate lesson watching two people sparring in the background.  She was amazed at the athleticism and grit as she watched the sparring.  It was exciting and intimidating at the same time.  She knew she was hooked when the couple sparring removed their face gear and she saw that they were two women.  She was hooked!
We are thrilled to have Sandy as part of our community, and we are honored that we have a small part in Sandy’s fantastic accomplishment.  As someone who is always looking to improve her overall health, she is an inspiration to us all.   Congratulations Sandy!

By the way, you can learn more about American Karate Studio, where Sandy and her husband teach classes and run the business, by clicking HERE.  American Karate Studio has locations in Minnetonka, St. Louis Park and New Hope.
 See you in the gym!


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