Our Approach to Fitness

Our training, both small group and one-on-one, is centered around our belief that adaptation and improvement lie just outside of what is comfortable.  All you need to achieve the individual results you want is guidance, a little know-how – and possibly a push!! – from us.

We meet you where you're at.

We understand that our athletes live full lives outside the gym. Our training purpose is to enable this fuller life. We believe in learning new things. We love making the complex simple. We believe in constant growth. We know new athletes will improve when going from not squatting to squatting. But we equally know that having a progressive and focused PLAN will continue to push and inspire

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Customized coaching.

 We believe in having fun, and A LOT of it. Running a Fit is serious work that we don’t take too seriously. That said, we are professional coaches who push ourselves daily to be better coaches, to have a stronger and more vibrant gym community, and to constantly give our Fit'ers access to the best coaching and programming on the planet.

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